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How to Quit Eating Sugar: 4 Simple Steps

How to Quit Eating Sugar: 4 Simple Steps
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Sugar may taste sweet but its health effects are the reason why it is very important for us to stop eating sugar. The excessive consumption of sugar unbalances the pH levels of the body, which makes it difficult for us to lose weight and maintain good health. The sugar and the acidity it creates provides an internal environment that is ripe for the overgrowth of yeasts, fungi, and dangerous bacteria.

In turn, these pathogens feed on sugar, multiply and expel the toxic waste that makes us feel even worse. Because these bad bacteria feed on sugar, our body begins to crave more sugar in the form of sweets, bread, pasta, and so on. We end up feeding these microorganisms and promote their growth and place more toxic acid in our body.

As this vicious circle continues, we not only feed these toxin-producing microorganisms, but we also ingest huge amounts of high-calorie foods, nutrient voids, and sugar-laden foods. Over time, excessive consumption of calories through sugar obviously affects our health and leads to an increase in weight.

Reasons to quit eating sugar

Here are some reasons to quit sugar now – even if you think you don’t want to do it.

Quitting sugar can help you prevent or even reverse insulin resistance.

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Mainstream thinking of insulin resistance is that overweight is the cause. That’s true, it can be — but it’s a limited view. What we eat can greatly influence whether or not we develop insulin resistance – or type 2 diabetes, which frequently follows it.

It can prevent premature hunger signals. 

When sugar promotes a high production of insulin, glucose can go down very fast and very quickly. The rate at which it descends is the main factor in triggering premature hunger signals: making you hungry for food you do not need simply because you ate sugary junk.

It can reduce calorie intake.

If you’re not responding addictively to sugar – and eating more sugar and other foods because of that – it will be easier to watch your calories.

It can make healthy foods taste better to you. 

Eating sugar triggers endorphins (beta-endorphin). That changes food preferences so that healthy foods seem less appealing. When you stop taking sugar, eating good foods, such as vegetables, will probably be more appetizing.

It can improve the overall nutritional value of your diet.

If you are not destroying your appetite with sugary junk, you will have more room for healthy food. If you’re not steeped in a junky direction by endorphins, you’ll eat more healthful foods. If you are not eating the usual sugary sweets, you can increase the fiber in your diet. If you are eating healthy foods, your intake of vitamin B can increase and change the chemistry of your brain completely. That’s a mood factor even more significant than glucose.

It can improve your health.

Sugar can impact health directly by increasing inflammation in the body through several mechanisms. Reducing inflammation can improve your health and decrease pain

It can improve your mood and your energy.

People who are sensitive to carbohydrates secrete more insulin than normal when they eat sugar. That can establish a “peak and valley” pattern in your glucose levels. When you’re at a peak, your energy and mood may feel optimal, but when you’re in a valley, things don’t feel good at all.

Who should do a sugar cleanse?

Sugar Detox is one of the most effective methods, which is effective and healthy. In essence, sugar removal and minimization of its levels in one’s body helps in loss of unwanted amounts of fat and increases the energy levels. The healthy and effective nature of the procedure arises from the fact that it focuses on the reduction of sugar levels in various foodstuffs and the avoidance of food that contain a high amount of sugar. So who should do a sugar cleanse?

The following below are some of the people who should do sugar cleansing

  • craving sweets after every meal;
  • Feeling tired of the 3 pm slump;
  • having trouble losing weight, especially in the midsection;
  • Your skin is dull or you’re experiencing unexplained rashes;
  • You are constantly getting sick,
  • You have digestive issues or problems with candida; 
  • and Your moods are up and down.

Need support and guidance kicking your sugar addiction

4 simple steps to overcome sugar addiction

Healthy fats
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The main reason why you are overweight is that of the excess sugar that you are eating so, you can apply these following tips to get rid of your sugar addiction:

Eat a diet free of simple carbohydrate content

You have to cut down on the number of sugary foods that you eat; you have to eat less of :

  • cakes,
  • biscuits,
  • candy,
  • ice cream,
  • white bread
  • and other foods that are made from refined flour.

If you want to eat carbohydrates, eat more complex carbohydrates such as:

  • whole sprouted grains,
  • low glycemic fruits and vegetables,
  • almonds and seeds,
  • and plantain and yam, among others.

These complex carbohydrates digest very slowly and they do not cause spikes in the level of blood sugar. 

My 10-day Sugar Cleanse program can definitely help you get rid of sugar for good. By subscribing to this blog you will get full access to the program.

Eat low glycemic fruit Instead of candy

At first, you will have intense cravings for chocolate bars or high sugary treats that you enjoy so much. Make sure you have a backup plan when these cravings begin. Replacing high-refined sugary foods (such as donuts, sweets, etc.) with natural fruits can be a great way to turn your body into a low-sugar habit. Fruits contain natural sugars along with healthy fiber, so they are better for your health compared to processed and refined foods that are full of sugars.

My youtube video is a short cut to replace bad stuff with the healthy ones. How to Stop Eating Sugar: 3 SImple Tips for Life

Drink Lots of alkaline Water 

Drinking water can be a great way to get over the moment when the craving for sugar occurs. If you find yourself stuck in the thought of unhealthy goodies, take a tall glass of water. This will keep you well hydrated and help you avoid strong cravings.

I have outlined the importance of drinking alkaline water and which water filter is the best, in my article;” Why Using a Water Filter and Which Ones are the Best “.

Reduce snacking

Engaging in thoughtless and often sugary snacking will only lead to the consumption of excessive calories so, stop snacking while you at work, while you are watching television and when you are in deep conversation. Focus on eating only 3 healthy balanced and nutritious meals a day.

Final thought

In brief, you are not living sugar-free for the rest of your life; you are just removing everything that does not feed your body. In that case getting benefits such as better gut health, hormonal balancing, and better emotional health.


Talk to your doctor or holistic health practitioner.


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