Doctor of natural Medicine

of Natural Medicine

Helping you to Heal Chronic Inflammation, Gut Problems, and Hormonal Imbalance.

Dr. Dayana Deschamps

Ph. D., CWHC

Dayana is a doctor of natural medicine with outstanding knowledge and skills in nutrition and women health. She is an experienced and passionate women health counsellor and a board-certified holistic health practitioner. She developed her passion for medicine while teaching in the Dominican Republic where she assisted doctors without borders. She also worked for Children of the Nations, an international organization that help raise children out of poverty. Later on, she pursued her holistic health studies and training in Central America, Guam, United States, and Canada.

She was able to free herself from chronic inflammation, bleeding ulcer, and hormonal issues using her own creatively devised solution.

Dayana diligently works on her blog every day to ensure the continuous availability of solutions to women while also acquiring more knowledge to keep herself at the top of her game.


Dayana Champs

Her area of expertise includes educating others about:



  • gut problems (digestive issues, leaky gut, acid reflux, chronic constipation, bowel inflammation, bowel pockets, etc.);

  • hormonal imbalance (PMS, menopause, adrenal fatigue, mood problems etc.);

  • chronic Inflammation; and joint pain;
  • blood sugar imbalance; and detoxification.

Your Health. Our Mission

We believe in Holistic Living

Dayana has dedicated her time to sharing useful tips and solutions daily on her blog to help women learn and do what will work perfectly for them without side effects. She enjoys learning new languages, music, and dancing. She encourages healing the mind through creativity while mending the spirit and soul through inspiration.

Do you want to live a healthy life?

I can help you with that